Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slow Dancing Duo

This Thursday (Oct 27) on SoundScape, we will explore the music of two ambient artists.

Tune in from 9 pm to YVFM 99.1 or get it streamed live from the website.

First up we will hear pieces by Drew Sullivan - AKA Slow Dancing Society. Drew is based in Washington. If ever there was an artist who truly expressed themselves in a way that defies everything music and art expects, and at times demands, then slow dancing society would be that artist.

With influences ranging from classic artists such as Brian Eno, Def Leppard, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Eddie Money, Pink Floyd, Prince, Spandeau Ballet and U2 to contemporary artists like Manual, Charles Webster, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Rós, Hammock, Red House Painters and My Morning Jacket.

Our second artist is Rena Jones. Rena Jones plays several instruments and is a sound engineer born in 1980. As of 2010 she had collaborated on over 30 albums.

Rena produces downtempo and electro-acoustic music. She records live instruments and manipulates them with synthesis. She also plays drums, cello, violin, and keyboard instruments and programs synth.

Jones slips through the veils of defined sound, weaving cello, violin, woodwinds, rhodes, electronics and sound design through unique instrumentation. She orchestrates her violin and cello over hand crafted beats melding the organic with the electronic.

This week's Goon Show will be 'Ill Met By Goonlight'

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