Saturday, March 31, 2012

Black & Blue and a little bit Pink

Tune in to SoundScape this Thursday (April 5) from 9 pm to get the best of Ambient music. YVFM 99.1 or get it streamed live from the website.

This week we sill feature music by Bluetech, Blackfilm and Pink Floyd.

"Bluetech is a psybient DJ/producer who creates a varied selection of downtempo music. Bluetech's music is very diverse, even for a psybient artist. He places significant emphasis on melody in his productions, and his works often demonstrate an influence from dub and ambient techno."

"Blackfilm - London, UK-based, the term cinematic gets tossed around a great deal in the music reviewing business, especially when it comes to those genres and styles of an electronic inclination. For the most part anything appearing particularly dark, atmospheric and epic seems to get pasted with this descriptor, and much of that undeservedly so. Perhaps the right adjective at the time, in comparison to Blackfilm’s self-titled debut album, most other so-called cinematic peers fall short."

"Pink Floyd were an English rock band that achieved worldwide success with their progressive and psychedelic rock music. Their work is marked by the use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, innovative album art, and elaborate live shows."

The Goon Show will be 'The African Incident'.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ambient Smorgasborg

Tune in to SoundScape on YVFM 99.1 (or get it streamed live from the website) from 9 pm on Thursday to chill out with the best in Ambient music.

This week we will be able to enjoy music from Woob, William Ackerman, Voice of Eye, Traffic Experiment, URBS, Suicidepression, Snowman and Roly Porter.

The Goon Show will be 'The Ink Shortage'.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Frippin' Eno

Tune in to SoundScape this Thursday (March 22) from 9 pm on YVFM 99.1 or get it streamed live from the website.

OK, after featuring a lot of wonderful ambient artists over the last year, I'm going to bite the bullet and play the music of the three giants of the ambient field - Harold Budd, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp.

I'll playing random tunes of theirs from the 200 or so I've got on hand, so tune in to hear the Masters at work.

Another special will be a recording of the sounds from a Space Shuttle rocket booster... you can hear it here...

The Goon show this week will be 'The Plasticine Man'.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Eclectic Ambient

This Thursday (March 8) on SoundScape, we will break from tradition and not feature an ambient artist in the first hour of the program. 

Instead I will pick a mix of ambient artists to give broad brushstrokes to the range of styles that can wear the title Ambient.

This week's Goon Show will be 'The Case of the Vanishing Room'.

Tune in to YVFM 99.1 or get go to to get live streaming of SoundScape.