Sunday, October 30, 2011

To Catch a Thief

Tune in this Thursday (Nov 3) to SoundScape from 9 pm on YVFM 99.1 or get it streamed live from the website.

This week's ambient artist is Shinjuku Thief. Founder of the Melbourne-based experimental and ambient label Dorobo, the prolific Darrin Verhagen has recorded under many different guises over the years and drawn from a highly eclectic range of sound worlds including industrial, ethnic and techno music. He is also known as Shinjuku Thief.

Asian samples including some spine-chilling chants are blended with distorted beats, brass, silky smooth bass guitar and sundry other sounds to create an album that's by turns raucous and restrained, amusing and awe-inspiring.

The Goon Show this week will be 'The Missing Boa Constrictor'.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slow Dancing Duo

This Thursday (Oct 27) on SoundScape, we will explore the music of two ambient artists.

Tune in from 9 pm to YVFM 99.1 or get it streamed live from the website.

First up we will hear pieces by Drew Sullivan - AKA Slow Dancing Society. Drew is based in Washington. If ever there was an artist who truly expressed themselves in a way that defies everything music and art expects, and at times demands, then slow dancing society would be that artist.

With influences ranging from classic artists such as Brian Eno, Def Leppard, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Eddie Money, Pink Floyd, Prince, Spandeau Ballet and U2 to contemporary artists like Manual, Charles Webster, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Rós, Hammock, Red House Painters and My Morning Jacket.

Our second artist is Rena Jones. Rena Jones plays several instruments and is a sound engineer born in 1980. As of 2010 she had collaborated on over 30 albums.

Rena produces downtempo and electro-acoustic music. She records live instruments and manipulates them with synthesis. She also plays drums, cello, violin, and keyboard instruments and programs synth.

Jones slips through the veils of defined sound, weaving cello, violin, woodwinds, rhodes, electronics and sound design through unique instrumentation. She orchestrates her violin and cello over hand crafted beats melding the organic with the electronic.

This week's Goon Show will be 'Ill Met By Goonlight'

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Listen in (and spread the word)

It's not often we have an interview on SoundScape, so the interview with Cr Tim Heenan recently is now on YouTube. Cr Heenan talked with us about the issue of homelessness, which he was high-lighting by sleeping rough in a cardboard box for 16 nights. 

The interview is in three parts and can be found here:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Open Slather :)

This Thursday on SoundScape I will break with tradition and NOT do a feature artist...

This will allow us to hear a greater range of artists during the show.

The Goon Show will be 'The African Ship Canal'.

Tune in from 9 pm on Yarra Valley FM 99.1 or get it streamed live from the website.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Room to MOVE :)

Tune in to Yarra Valley FM 99.1 or log into the streaming from the website to catch SoundScape this Thursday (Oct 13) from 9 pm.

We'll have a fair range of ambient styles on this week as I will only feature one musician, to leave room for a wide selection afterwards.

We will hear a number of tracks from Labradford, who is a U.S. post-rock musical group from Richmond, Virginia, founded in 1991. They have released six full albums from 1993 to 2001. Though not officially disbanded, its members have since been active with separate projects. Founded in 1991, Labradford consists of bassist Robert Donne, guitarist/vocalist Mark Nelson, and keyboardist Carter Brown. Their music style is experimental ambient and post-rock.

This week's Goon Show will be "Round the World in 80 Days".

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From The Bat Cave

Tune in to Yarra Valley FM 99.1 (or get it streamed live from the website) this Thursday (Oct 6) for SoundScape.

It's not often I get anyone in for an interview on SoundScape. (Most people come in to 'The Bat Cave' which I co-host with Dom on a Monday night). So this week is an exception - we will have local councillor Tim Heenan in talking about why he is sleeping in a cardboard box! No spoilers, you'll have to listen in....
Singer /songwriter and ambient artist Derek Bailey came in to 'The Bat Cave' last Monday, and gave us his latest album 'Never Alone' which features some wonderful ambient tracks that he composed to help people meditate, rest and reflect to. We will be playing items from that album.

I usually focus on 2 or 3 artists, but this week I will play a range of tracks from various artists after the special on Derek Bailey.

This week's Goon Show will be 'Insurance, the white man's burden'.