Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ambient from Canada and Sweden

Tune in to SoundScape on Yarra Valley FM 99.1, or get it streamed live from the website this Thursday (Nov 17) to hear two ambient bands featured.

First up we will have Delerium, a band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which was formed in 1987, originally as a side project of the influential industrial music act, Front Line Assembly

Delerium has traditionally been a two-person project, but the only constant member throughout its history has been Bill Leeb. Leeb first worked with collaborator Michael Balch and released their first album, Faces, Forms & Illusions. After Balch left Delerium, Leeb worked with Rhys Fulber, and the two released several albums under the Delerium moniker; these years saw a gradual stylistic change from darker ambient to a more danceable sound. After the release of Karma, Fulber left to pursue other interests, and Leeb teamed up with producer Chris Peterson to release Poem.

Throughout the band’s history, their musical style has encompassed a broad range, including dark ethereal ambient trance, voiceless industrial soundscapes, and electronic pop music.

Our second band will be Carbon Based Lifeforms, a psychedelic ambient music group made up of Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad, in Gothenburg, Sweden. They have released four albums and one EP: "Hydroponic Garden", "World of Sleepers", "Irdial EP" and "Interloper" as Carbon Based Lifeforms, and "The Path" as Notch.

Johannes and Daniel initially formed CBL as a side project to Notch in 1996. As time went by, CBL became their main focus. The first releases by CBL were made on the old in 1998. CBL has always been open for collaboration with other composers and musicians; for instance, they teamed up with Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields) in 1999 to write the music for the Swedish dancer Olof Persson's performance "Fusion". 

This week's Goon Show will be 'The Reason Why'.

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