Wednesday, May 8, 2013

B-Double of new grooves

Tune in to SoundScape this Thursday (May 9) from 9pm on YVFM 99.1 to hear more great ambient music, or get it streamed live from the website.

Last week I brought you a 'truckload' of new ambient music... well, turns out it was a B-Double, cos I still have a truckload left to play.

Listen in to pieces by Pantaea, Frame by Frame, DJ MNX, Josephine Sinclar, Lemongrass, Marga Sol, Ryan KP & Anthony Hicks, Taco Town, Tafubar & Eskadet.

We will also have some new to SoundScape pieces by L'Orange.

This week's Goon Show will be 'The Whistling Spy Enigma'.

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